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1 review
Ive been in Atlanta since 06 & found Burger Joy in 08 & ever since then, after trying multiple other places, they are just simply the best, anyone eating it with me for the first time also agrees & cant eat other Chinese food BEST CHINESE IN ALL OF ATLANTA. Best Mongolian chicken ever! Dont be fooled by the name. I moved out of the range of the delivery zone so we started ordering lucky Buddha & it would good but nothing compared to Burger Joy. So it was worth to pick up. Its so good, & has everything for everyone. Crispy half duck amazing The only downside is that sometimes it takes a little longer than normal for the food to arrive if you do delivery & if you are in an apartment, depending on the delivery man, they will or will not come to the door if able (gate code access) & sometimes even if they do have that info, they will just wait by the front I pick it up now & its located in a little shady spot but it comes fast & hot & they always give you lots of sauces & fortune cookies


4 reviews
I have never had an issue with this restaurant. The food is always fresh, hot and on time. Of the grubhub, restaurants serving my area; Burger Joy is the one I frequent the most. The Burger Joy menu has something for everyone. I especially like to order from this restaurant when entertaining guest. The guest are always so pleased that a restaurant serving so many menu items is able to maintain food dishes as though the restaurant specializes in that one food item. From burgers to seafood, and everything in between; you get great quality in delicious foods. I recommend this restaurant, especially when entertaining guest, or holiday parties. But just to feed the family is great too. Keep up the good work Burger Joy. Signed......The lady in the white house.


1 review
I loved it. The food is perfect. Delivery driver was very nice! They gave me half lemon pepper wings, which I don't think I asked for but maybe I accidentally made that selection & didn't realize it. Anyways, I didn't mind it because their food is excellent! They accommodated my special request on the white sauce vegetables by removing the shrimp, which I appreciate very much. Good quality for hood Chinese ;)


3 reviews
The White rice that comes with our dishes was a bit on the dry side but not inedible. The Coconut soup was amazing as was the Szechuan chicken and the Phoenix Dragon dish. Said it would take an hour for delivery and it was at my place in about 30min so that was nice. Will order from them again for sure! Wish they had a mu shu dish on the menu though


1 review
The food was good but the delivery guy should not ask for a tip. I always pay for food with a card and tip in cash. He asked me to leave a tip as if he expected me not to tip him because I didn't put it on my card. He asked before I got a chance finish signing and reach in my pocket and get the cash to tip. That's not a good look.

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Burger Joy  Reviews on Seamless


1 review
Super fast, and they closed at 2:30am we placed our order at 1:45am and they still delivered. The best late night studio chicken we had in years. This will be our go to spot.


1 review
Incredibly prompt delivery with a beautiful touch on customer service


1 review
Absolutely and positively fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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